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  • Compatible with NNP794S, NNSA770S, NNSD755S, NNSD763S, NNSD765S, NNSD773S, NNSD780S, NNSD786S, NNSD786S, NNSD797S, NNSD797S, NNSE792S, NNSE792S, NNSE795S, NNSE796S, NNSE796S, NNSN790S, NNST762S, NNST765S, NNST775S, NNST785S, NNT795S

Nice Trimkit


This trim kit is a great look and frames out the micro beautifully. But, if you are trying to design around this trim kit forget it. Panasonic's website is horrible to get any spec information at all. They also don't freely distribute the information so good luck finding any spec information on any appliance reseller website. I have to say very frustrating from a Designer perspective. So much so that I am close to telling all my clients to purchase a different microwave where specs are easily obtained.

Hamilton, Ontario

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