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Super Good, Superfood Smoothies to Crush Your Day

Easily crush nuts and superfoods to make healthy and nutritious smoothies quickly. Even on busy mornings, carry freshly blended smoothies with the convenient ‘to go’ tumbler to replenish your nutrients anytime, anywhere.

Finally, a Blender That Crushes It!

Even hard, small superfoods such as nuts and seeds can be easily crushed, making it easy to enjoy nutrient-rich smoothies with a smooth texture. And of course, fresh fruit smoothies with ice!

High Cutting Performance

Sawtooth Blades Cut Hard Ingredients Such as Nuts and Ice

The unique sawtooth blades are designed to efficiently blend various ingredients, combining powerful crushing and fine cutting. You can make smoothies with nuts and crush up to 100g* of ice at one time.

*15 g ice cubes produced by a household fridge.

Powerful Circulation Achieves Smooth Blending

Thanks to the unique tumbler shape with four ribs, the ingredients are circulated thoroughly and evenly. The gaps between the ribs and blades are adjusted and designed in a well-balanced way to prevent the blades from sustaining significant damage while chopping ingredients finely.

Take Your Hand-Crafted Smoothie On The Go

Blend your healthy, home-made smoothies and store them in the convenient ‘on-the-go’ tumbler. Remember to detach the blades and firmly affix the ‘to-go’ lid before taking your tumbler on the road.

*When using the spout lid, do not tilt or turn the container upside down to prevent spillage.

Compact Design for Space Saving

The compact design is perfect for small kitchens or those with limited space.

Enjoy Fresh & Healthy Smoothies in 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1: Add the Ingredients

Place your choice of fruit or vegetables, nuts and seeds, ice and liquid in the tumbler and affix the blade base.

STEP 2: Easy Blending

Once the tumbler stand is attached and set in the unit, simply turn the tumbler to start blending. The simple one-speed function is intuitive to use.

STEP 3: Bring it on the Go and Enjoy!

When blending is done, remove the tumbler, affix the drinking spout lid, bring it on the go and drink directly!

Designed to Be Safe and Easy to Maintain

Safe Design with Thermal-Cut-Off (TCO) Protection Device

Temperature and current are detected by power consumption so that the motor can stop before failing due to overload.

Stress-Free Cleaning

The tumbler which is made of BPA-free plastic is lightweight for easy handling. The tumbler and lid are dishwasher-safe* for stress-free cleaning.

*Remove gaskets from the lid.


Stainless Steel Sawtooth Blades for Hard Ingredients

BPA-Free Lightweight Plastic Tumbler

450 W Max Locked Wattage

Safe Design with Thermal-Cut-Off (TCO) Protection

Operating Instructions


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