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3-in-1 Micro-Foaming Cleansing Skin Care System


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Gentle Cleansing Designed for Smoother, Brighter Skin

Cleansing is an important first step in a skincare routine to help maintain a fresh, healthy appearance. The Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing System design incorporates gentle warmth to assist with makeup removal, creates luxurious micro-foam for removal of dirt and oil and targets pores for a complete, cleansing experience.

Gentle Make-Up Removal Plate: Loosen and remove makeup with warm heat and cleansing cream or oil

  • The warming makeup removal mode indicator flashes while warming up.
  • It takes approximately 30 seconds to reach its usable temperature.
  • Makeup remover can also be applied directly to the warming plate.
  • Apply to the skin and glide around the face in a circular motion
  • The warming plate will turn off automatically after approximately 3 minutes.

Micro-Foam Cleansing

  • Add your favorite foaming cleanser to the cleanser compartment and close.
  • Attach the Japanese Style Soft Brush then fill measuring cap with water and add to the centre hole of the device.
  • Turn power on and allow a lush foam to form then smooth across the face, avoiding the eye area. The soft cleansing brush with tapered bristles and lush foam will gently cleanse pores and effectively remove dirt and oil.
  • Rinse face with warm water after about 1 minute of facial cleansing.

Pore Targeting Silicone Brush

  • Cleanse deep down dirt and oil typically found in the T-Zone area
  • Compact brush design specifically targets hard to reach areas
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Universal Voltage
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device, Japanese-Style Soft Brush, Pore-Targeting Silicone Brush, Measuring Cap, Stand, AC Adaptor.

Replacement Brushes

  • EH-2S01W (Japanese-Style Soft Brush)
  • EH-2S02W (Pore-Targeting Silicone Brush)


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