3.0 Volt Lithium Battery - 1 Pack

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  • Innovating Safe and Stable Energy Lightweight, high-energy-density battery optimized for use in high-drain applications such flash-enabled cameras
  • High Energy Formula Features our optimized material formulation for incredibly long-lasting performance
  • Exclusive Safety Structure to Protect You and Your Devices Designed to prevent short-circuits and leaks with fail-safe protections for over-current, over-voltage, and overheating, even if the battery is damaged.
  • Dependable across a wide temperature range Several design features work together to preserve high capacity even after long-term storage, enabling safe use in a wide -40 °C to +70 °C temperature range
  • 10-Year* Storage Life Proven battery design, refined materials, special electrolyte solvent, and precise calcination treatment result in a low self-discharge rate during storage. These batteries can be safely stored without significant loss of capacity for periods up to 10 years* with improved resistance to heat and cold compared to other battery types. *When unused and stored at room temperature.


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