CR2354 3.0 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery - 4 Pack

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  • Trusted Power for Specialty Devices Long-lasting power for small, energy-hungry devices, from keyless entry fobs to watches.
  • High Power Energy Core for Long-Lasting Life Features our optimized material formulation for incredibly long-lasting performance in both high and low-drain applications
  • Unique Battery Case for Long Endurance Our unique case design contributes to its amazing endurance. The dimpled anode surface increases material adhesion, limits internal resistance, and supports a stable voltage and efficient discharge resulting in lasting power.
  • Anti-Leak Seal Design The durable (robust) gasket's rim is embedded in the case and is sandwiched tightly shut with a custom anode cap and strong adhesive, resulting in the ultimate anti-leak structure keeping you and your devices safe.
  • Child-Resistant Packaging Our tamperproof package is recognized by IEC as the world standard benchmark for child-resistant packaging. These initiatives limit the chance of accidental ingestion.


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