SoundSlayer™ Gaming Speaker


SoundSlayer™ Gaming Speaker

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A Powerful & Realistic Game Sound Experience - The SC-HTB01 provides a truly realistic journey within the game world with 3 game modes jointly developed with the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online sound team from SQUARE ENIX®, and surround sound such as Dolby Atmos®.
  • RPG mode:
    • Ideal for role-playing games and optimized for FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online with surround sound.
  • FPS mode:
    • Provides accurate audio location, allowing users to hear subtle sounds such as footsteps.
  • Voice mode:
    • Enhances human voices and further contributes to the immersive experience such as in adventure games.
  • Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X® / DTS® Virtual:X™:
    • Its 3D stereophonic technology and acoustic space envelop the user in sound from all directions - enhancing gameplay by placing footsteps, gunfire and other critical sound effects accurately within the soundscape.
  • Bluetooth Connection:
    • Wirelessly connect to your devices to play podcasts & stream music.
  • Compact Design with Powerful Sound:
    • 2.1 Channel 3-Way Speaker System (Built-in Subwoofer).

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