WhisperAir Repair™ Spot Purification Device


WhisperAir Repair™ Spot Purification Device

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Introducing Panasonic's NEW! WhisperAir Repair™ advanced spot purification and odour elimination device. This compact, ceiling-mount air purifier utilizes our patented nanoe™X technology to keep indoor air fresh and clean 24 hours/day. Its lightweight, one-piece design is maintenance-free and can easily be installed, making healthy indoor air attainable for all. Whether remodeling entire spaces, or building new construction, your customers can rely on WhisperAir Repair to complement their indoor air quality efforts across the board.
  • Ceiling mount spot purification device utilizes patented nanoe™X charged water particle generation technology to purify contaminated air
  • Inhibits growth of allergens, breaks down hazardous substances¹
  • Quietly deodorizes and removes unwanted smells for a fresher, cleaner indoor environment¹
  • Maintenance-free with no filters to change, no duct-work required
  • Ideal for light commercial applications, hotels, educational facilities, elevators, subway cars, restaurants and other public spaces²
  • Great for use in residential settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, basements, closets and mudrooms
  • Easily mounts into virtually any ceiling and can use existing wiring³
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  • *1 WhisperAir Repair’s impact on odors, allergens, pollens, and hazardous substances was based on testing in an 812ft3⁄23m3 room.
  • *2 Not intended for use in medical facilities.
  • *3 Refer to local jurisdictions and manufacturer installation guide.


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