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  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery for cordless phones
  • Capacity : 830mAh
  • Compatible with: KX-TG2411, KX-TG2420, KX-TG2421, KX-TG2422, KX-TG2423, KX-TG2424, KX-TG2431, KX-TG2432, KX-TG2433, KX-TG2434, KX-TG2620, KX-TG2621, KX-TG2622, KX-TG2623, KX-TG2624, KX-TG2628, KX-TG2629, KX-TG2631, KX-TG2632, KX-TG2633, KX-TG2634, KX-TG2638, KX-TG2810, KX-TG2811, KX-TG2815, KX-TG2820, KX-TG2822, KX-TG2825, KX-TG2826, KX-TG2831, KX-TG2832, KX-TG2835, KX-TG2836, KX-TG2853, KX-TG2854, KX-TG2873, KX-TG2910, KX-TG2920, KX-TG2922, KX-TG2931, KX-TG2932, KX-TG2935, KX-TG2936, KX-TG5621, KX-TG5631, KX-TG5632, KX-TG5652, KX-TG5672, KX-TG5761, KX-TG5762, KX-TG5766, KX-TG5767, KX-TG5771, KX-TG5776, KX-TG5778, KX-TG5779, KX-TG6700, KX-TG6702, KX-TGA570, KX-TGA571, KX-TGA572 and KX-TGA670
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