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The GN01 is the industry's first neck-type 4-channel surround speaker for comfortable and exciting gaming. It offers natural, realistic surround sound, as if the user was in the centre of the game. The 3 gaming sound modes were developed jointly with the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online sound team from SQUARE ENIX®.
  • Immersive surround sound experience:
    • Thanks to 4 speakers located in an ergonomic ideal position, you can profit from a realistic sound experience. The sound will come from all directions so you can immerse yourself into the game.
  • Comfortable even for long hours of play:
    • Comfortable design fits your shoulders, and allows for comfortable play for a long time because it does not block your ears.
  • Great sound, whatever the style of play:
    • 3 gaming modes are expertly created through joint development with the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online sound team, allowing users to fully enjoy the gameplay. Switching between the 3 modes depending on the game will create an experience filled with intensity, tension and reality.
  • Fast response time with no delay:
    • The GN01 can be operated easily while gaming: two mute buttons let you control microphone and video game. Wired connection is offered as USB and AUX option.

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